1. Download Findlo-Monitor from the Google Play store or Apple Store.


2. Open and login with your credentials to Findlo Mobile App (Received in your Welcome mail)​

3. On the main screen you have the following tools:

  • The list of your trackers

  • Notification

  • Your position on the map

  • All your trackers on the map

  • Map type

4. Click on your device name and Start tracking your loved ones.


After choosing the tracker you will know the following information:

  • Tracker details (model, tariff, ID, GSM / GPS signal, telemetry, etc.)

  • Tracks for the period

  • Events for the period

5. In “Settings” you can see:


  1. Name

  2. Account ID

  3. Your balance

  4. Bonus

  5. On / off push notifications

Findlo Mobile App give you the ease to track your Findlo Trackers using your mobile. Just follow the below steps to Live the Unlimited life using Findlo Mobile App. 

Findlo Mobile App

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