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How to Start using FINDLO Tracking Devices?


As you are reading this section it means you have already made your choice, Thanks for Choosing FINDLO. For starting your journey with FINDLO you need to do as follows:


  1. Look at our list of supported Findlo trackers here, and choose the best suitable device as per your need. 

  2. After selecting the Device, click on buy, It's time to make the payment for Device.

  3. For each device you need to buy the Subscription Plan,Check out Plan details here Subscription. Choose a subscription for your device. It's time to make the payment. That's all you have to do now.

  4. Once we recieve the order we will pack & ship the device ASAP.

  5. We will create an account on Findlo tacking platform, add your device (device "Name" and "IMEI" number) in your account and will send you the welcome e-mail with your login details.

  6. Once you recieve the Device & Platfrom login details, follow the user manual with the device to configure the device and make it active.

  7. Make sure GPS and Internet connection is activated on the device. Wait for the device to get a satellite fix (this can take some time and it is best achieved outdoors with clear sky). 

  8. Login to FINDLO.CO.IN with your credentials, After few minutes your GPS tracker will appear on the map.

  9. Please check here to setup some important configurations.


How FINDLO Tracking Works?


With FINDLO online tracking system you can monitor number of objects and display their locations (exact address etc.) on the map in your web browser or mobile.

FINDLO server let user to:
•    Track objects (vehicle, cargo, person, pet, bike) in real time;
•    Get notifications about important events (geofence, speeding etc.);
•    Save fuel;
•    Generate various reports;
•    View historical tracks and many more.


FINDLO tracking software is very user friendly and suitable for personal use or business. 

To start tracking you need one tracking device for each object. Tracking device receives position information from the GPS satellites, and forwards it to FINDLO servers. Your tracker needs to have an Internet connection to send position data to FINDLO servers. The most common option is to use a data subscription in 2G or 3G mobile networks (standard SIM cards).


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