Geofence entrance or exit


Geofence is a restricted area on a map. It is created to control trackers inside and out of it.

On our platform geofences are used for setting a virtual perimeter. You will get notifications when your objects cross the borders. So, for example, if some building machinery leave the zone, chief will get email or SMS notification.

1. Create a new Rule as per previous step

2. In the opened window you should enter the rule name, rule description, select tracker and event type “Geofence entrance or exit”.

After adding a new rule you have to make some settings:


1. Notifications

Here you should write text of the messages you want to get and choose notification type

2. Schedule

In this block you are to set days and time when you want to control your objects.

3. Geofences

Choose a geofence where you want to control your trackers. You can select it from the list and edit it or create a new one.

First of All Welcome to the Findlo Family, For setting up your account please follow the below steps:

Set Authorized/Special phone numbers


This is very important to setup the Authorize/Special Phone number as these numbers will be used by Findlo Tracker to send all the Alarms and Notifications. ​

Findlo Personal Tracker EKA:-


Special or Authorized numbers are used by Findlo Tracker to send Alarms and Notifications. For using SOS button and calling functionality, first user need to set up authorized numbers. It is not mandatory for all three of the authorized numbers to be set, however a minimum of one must always be set.


Note: Congratulations you are done with basic setup for your account, now you can track your Findlo Trackers using PC\Mobile APP.
However we recommend users to do further settings which will help you getting the more precise and accurate Tracker Alerts. 


Create Alerts Rules in Web interface


Findlo Trackers supports multiple feature Alerts like Geofence, SOS, Overspeeding, Fall Alerts etc. By default all these Alerts are disabled so user does not get any alerts.

We recommend user to enable the Alerts as per their needs.

Rule wizard

To add a new rule click Add rule in the left top corner. A pop-up window with Wizard will appear:

Similary for other important rules like

  • Geofence entrance or exit

  • Speed exceeding

  • Parking state detection

  • Deviation from the route

  • External power cut

  • SOS button

  • Tracker switched off or lost connection

  • Low battery etc.


please use "HELP" option from RIGHT bottom of the web interface

Setup Web Platform

Setting 1st Number :- 
Command:                     A1 or A1,phone number 
Example:                        A1 or a1,123456789
Reply Message:            Set mobile number 1 OK!
Delete 1st Number :- 
Command: A0
Setting 2nd Number :- 
Command:                    B1 or B1,phone number 
Example:                       B1 or b1,123456789
Reply Message:          Set mobile number 2 OK!
Delete 2nd Number :- 
Command: B0 ​
Setting 3rd Number :- 
Command:                    C1 or C1,phone number 
Example:                       C1 or c1,123456789
Reply Message:           Set mobile number 3 OK!
Delete 3rd Number :- 
Command: C0 ​
Findlo Vehicle Tracker UNO:-


Special or Admin number is used by Findlo Tracker to send all the Alarms and Notifications. Admin number is having the highest authority control which can change the device setting by sending the commands via SMS. It can remotely monitor, locate, query, received the phone, vibration alarm and SMS.

Add Special Number :- 
Command:                 adm+ code+ comma+Number.
Example.:                adm123456,13812345678
Reply Message :-     ADM!A1 :13812345678
Delete Special Number :- 
Command:                  noadmin+ code+ comma
Example:                     noadm123456,
Reply Message:         ADM!A1 :

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