Meet The Team

Edward Seo -CMO

M C Mishra - MD

Prashant - CEO

There is a great saying "Need is the mother of Invention", same is true for Findlo as well. We have faced the same day to day challenges as lot of other people are facing like


  • Wondering if my kids are safe?

  • How my parents are doing when I am away from home?

  • Where is my car?

  • Is my driver taking my kids to school safely?

  • My Wife or Daughter traveling alone?


and so on and on....list is huge.


These thoughts gave us the push and then Findlo came in to picture. We are the similar minded people from across the world, who are committed to Redefining the GPS Tracking Industry. 


Findlo is designed and conceptualized by Indo-Korean team and is a unit of Kukje Business Solution India Pvt. Ltd. Our aim is to provide best in class GPS service available in the world. 


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